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The Top Must-Read Finance Books for Every Beginner

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

One thing that I enjoy doing during my spare time is READING!

I love reading thriller, fiction, finance, romance... name it all! And I thought why not share my first blog about my favorite hobby?

Stick with me if you want to learn more about the top must-read finance books to read during your free time.


Clever Girl Finance - Bola Sokunbi

Women have been brought up with the ideology that they are incapable of being in control of their money and that money management is a man's job. Well, Clever Girl Finance breaks this stereotype by providing you with practical tools and approaches on how to be in charge of your finances. The author teaches you that every financial success comes with setting your mindset and motivating yourself to make a transformation in order to achieve your financial goals.

Just like every objective in life, everything comes with changes and choices that we make. If your choice is to be financially independent, debt-free, and so forth, then Clever Girl Finance is your book to go.

Perfect for women of all ages, Clever Girl Finance is an easy and short reading where Bola Sokunbi introduces various topics in finance such as personal finance, money management, and investing.

It's about knowing that you can be in charge of your money and achieve your financial goals.


You are A Badass at Making Money -Jen Sincero

A life-changing book, You Are A Badass at Making Money is all about perspectives and adopting positive thinking towards anything in life. Jen Sincero teaches you about being grateful for what you have and focusing and envisioning your financial goals.

Each chapter is built in a way that helps you to master financial concepts through activities and mantras. With quotes that trigger thinking and help you to think positively about life. Jen Sincero's key message for you is to never lose focus on what you want in life and work for it until you eventually achieve it.


The Latte Factor: Why You don't have to be rich to live rich - David Bach, John David Mann

Don't we all enjoy a delicious cup of foamy latte during a cold and gloomy day of fall? But how about we enhance this experience with a good book about the Latte Factor?

A captivating and triggering title, the Latte Factor is a personal finance book where David Bach illustrates several financial jargons through one character named Zoey who is about to quit her current job to embark on another one that pays better.

We often think : higher salary= more financial freedom. Unfortunately, the more money we make, the more we spend it. The focus of the book is to re-evaluate your overall spending and re-direct all random and unnecessary purchases towards saving and investing in order for you to achieve the life of your dreams.


The Financial Diet-A Total Beginner's Guide To Getting Good With Money - Chelsea Fagan, Lauren Ver Hage

Finance can be a boring subject especially if you are new to it. However, Chelsea Faga and Lauren Ver Hage do an excellent job for any newbies by teaching you basic financial concepts. Lighthearted and easy to read, the authors help you to explore the topic of personal finance for anyone who doesn’t care about money management.

Drawing from the personal experience of the author, The Financial Diet is not only about finance, but also about life and career. This is a perfect book for anyone who is at the beginning of their adulthood and has 0 clues on where to start.


Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy Life - Melissa Leong

We often hear: " Money can’t buy happiness" ...but let’s be honest, IT CAN!

Money management is perhaps one of the most stressful topics to discuss among family, friends, and peers. It is often ridiculous that such an important subject, it is prohibited to be talked about.

In Happy Go Money, Melissa Leong explains the relationship between money and happiness and how our happiness starts to decline once we have earned a certain amount of money. She provides concrete and practical steps to create a happier and mindful relationship with money because money can bring happiness as long as we know how to manage it.

"Girls Should Never Be Afraid To Be Smart"

-Emma Watson

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