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The 6 Audacious Tricks to Getting a Promotion at Work - Career Plans for 2021

The first day of work on our very first work experience... we have all been there: excited, thrilled, content, yet anxious and nervous. Will I make a good impression? Will I deliver top-notch work? Will I meet my manager's expectations? When will I get promoted? These are common questions that buzz on our minds when we first join a company.

Then few years pass, we have been working really hard, staying up late, working on the weekends, then why are we not able to climb the corporate ladder?

Well, I have some answers and If you want to know more, then stick with me to learn a few smart tricks that will help you to advance in your career.

  • Plan it - We have all heard it: " A goal without a plan is just a wish". If you want something in life, you need to plan it. Every year, employees are asked to write down their career goals for the next year. Write down your smart goals and what your intentions are. Tell your boss that you want to level up in the next role and how you plan on achieving that. When you meet with your boss at the end of the year to review your goals, ask for feedback and expectations. What are they looking for? How can you excel in your role? If you never ask, you will never know. It is hard for women to ask for a promotion and that's just simply because of how we are. We feel scared, less confident, but these things can be faced. Remember, you have a voice and if you never step up and take the courage to speak, you will always be stuck where you are. So ladies, don't wait. "Everything you want is on the other side of the fear" - Jack Canfield.

  • Be Proactive- Working towards promotion is not just being able to finish your task and then chilling in the kitchen because you have nothing else to do. It is about taking initiative, being proactive, taking training, attending seminars, continuously learning, and finding solutions to make work more efficient; it is about thinking outside of the box. Find ways to always add value to your team and company. These skills will demonstrate your readiness for the next level and that you are a vital component of the team.

  • Build a proper work ethic - Simple things such as showing up at work on time, never calling in sick, helping your team members, finishing your task before the deadline indicate that you are a devoted and committed employee. You may think that your employer doesn't pay attention to these, but they do. These little behaviors are what will distinguish you from other candidates. If you are constantly going out for a smoke, taking 5 breaks a day, scrolling on your social media, then you are wasting the company's time and it just proves that you are a slacker. Use the company's time well because time is money.

  • Cultivate the right relationship - You may be working really hard, yet you are constantly being passed out for a promotion? Then maybe you need to do a bit of networking and improving your work relationship. Building a good relationship with the right people and identifying the right decision-makers are what will set you ahead for a promotion. Usually, the right advocate for a promotion is your managers. Make a connection with them, work on your relationship, and show them you are a worthy employee. Make yourself stand out in front of them and once you get noticed, you won't have to ask for a promotion, your boss will reward you accordingly.

  • Build the "I don't want to lose you" fear- Be good at something that no one else is good at. Sounds very simple. Right? Yes, it is. This is actually one of the simplest steps you can take to ensure you are an indispensable team member. Everyone is capable of completing their tasks, doing their job, but if you are good at something that no one else is capable of, then this will play in your favor during the time of the promotions. Managers want someone that the team can rely on and be the go-to person for questions. Upper management is always busy with little time or not at all for their employees and often end up delegating. If you are a key team player with superior knowledge and skills that constantly add value to the team, you will be definitely get compensated and recognized. Not only that, when it comes to negotiating salary, or benefits, you can definitely list out everything you are excellent at because your managers will be afraid of losing you.

Don't have high expectations - One of the biggest mistakes that many of us commit at the beginning of our career is setting up really high expectations. If this is the beginning of your career, keep your expectations low, and don't aim for a promotion immediately. In some companies, getting a promotion may take some time. When you start working for the first time, take time to learn and explore, master your role, and enjoy the moment. When the right moment comes, you will receive what you deserve. You are there to learn and to grow. There is a learning curve in everything you do. Focus on the right things. Do not volunteer for everything and don't be an overachiever. It's about the quality, not quantity.

If advancing in your career is one of your goals, then don't wait for tomorrow if you can start today.

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for "

-Oprah Winfrey


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