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5 ways to best use LINKEDIN for PERSONAL BRANDING

How to build your presence on Linkedin and get noticed with simple and easy steps

A couple of years ago, I was a non-existent person on Linkedin. I didn't believe in its use, I didn't think it helped to network, and I didn't think recruiters actually used it to find potential candidates.

However, the more I was part of my current working industry, the more I realized that I needed it. I had to share somewhere my accomplishments, tell the world who I am, and get noticed by potential employers.

So today, I want to share five ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase the chance of selling yourself to your dream job and building a presence online.


The first step with a LinkedIn profile is getting out of your comfort zone and creating an actual profile. When you first create a profile, make sure to list all your work experience, where you work now, your education, special projects that you may find relevant, volunteer experience, skills, and languages. Update the headline by stating what you do and how you do it. When it comes to pictures, make sure to upload a picture of you now which is a professional picture rather than you doing a barbeque in a park. Remember that impressions matter and employers will first see that.


One way to get noticed is by asking for recommendations. If you have had good relationships in the past with people you have worked with such as classmates, professors, or even work colleagues, do not be afraid to reach out and ask for a recommendation. Recommendations highlight some skills and features of you that may not be noticeable at first impact when people look at your profile. Ask for genuine recommendations where people say how you have worked with them in the past and highlight who you are as a person

Volunteer work REALLY MATTERS

Employers do not just like to see how good you were at school or how many jobs you had in the past, but also learn more about your personality. Are you someone who has a special hobby? Are you someone who advocates for a special cause? With companies being more socially responsible and giving back to the community, they look for employees who share the same social values as them, and listing out your volunteer work could be a great advantage both for you and the employer.

Link your "FEATURED"

If you have been featured in special magazines, youtube interviews, and more, don't be shy to link them to your profile. What I love about this feature on Linkedin is that it is an integral part of your profile that shows up at the beginning of the page, so if anyone is searching you will see the "features" as the first thing.

Post articles

I think posting articles is a great way to build your presence and grow your network. By posting useful and work-related articles, you are creating interest, showing your work to other networks, and telling people how you can be a valuable asset. The more you post, the more people will see your work, and the more they will connect with you.

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