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The Ultimate Joy of Books: 5 Reasons to Start Reading Today

Why reading is important in today's digital world

My favorite hobby of all time is reading. I can devour 12 books in a year and aim to read a book every month. Reading helps me disconnect from daily stresses, allows me to be present in the moment, and provides valuable learning opportunities.

Unfortunately, in the digital world we live in today, fewer and fewer people make time for reading. We consume so much social media content that we often neglect to nurture our minds with meaningful information.

In this article, I want to remind you of five reasons why you should start reading more in today’s world.

1. Learning Opportunity

Our first encounter with reading likely starts in a school setting. We read to learn and to study. The school environment may have made us dislike reading because all we did was read textbooks, but reading at your own time and pace is a form of leisure.

When you read books on any topic of interest, it becomes a form of knowledge acquisition. You read to learn new things and to expand your horizons. When you read what you enjoy, reading becomes a pleasurable activity that you make time for. Reading is an effortless form of studying when you read what you love.

2. Improved Vocabulary

Regularly reading books significantly improves language skills and vocabulary. When you read, you are exposed to various writing styles, genres, and vocabularies, which allows you to unconsciously enrich your language. Reading helps you become knowledgeable about concepts and topics, making you more eloquent and articulate in the way you speak.

3. Better Stress Management

Reading can also be a form of stress management. Fiction books capture your imagination and transport you to a different world. When you read fiction as well as non-fiction, you are focused and concentrated on the story, allowing you to disconnect from the real world and unwind from a hectic day. This is why it is suggested to read books before sleeping, as it can induce a better quality and more calming night's rest.

4. Stronger Brain Muscle

Reading is like working out where each time you read, you build your brain muscle. Indeed, reading enhances your cognitive functions. It allows you to expand your horizons, enhance your creativity, and improve your imagination.

By maintaining an active brain, you can improve your memory, reduce dementia, and keep your brain sharp and agile even in the long run.

5. Community

Reading provides an opportunity to network and connect with people who share your love and interest in books through book clubs. Through book clubs, you can exchange ideas, discuss concepts, and even meet new people, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.

To conclude, reading not only enriches personal growth and mental well-being but also fosters connections within communities of readers. Embracing the habit of reading even for 10 minutes a day is a vital investment in lifelong learning, cognitive health, and social engagement.

“A book is a gift you can open again and again."

― Garrison Keillor



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