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How to Study Spanish on your own? Resources and Study Plan

5 effective steps if you are a DIY person who wants to study Spanish on your own and build a regular habit

Learning a language can be really demotivating. It is a long and far journey that requires years and years of practice. Many start on this journey with the hope of achieving this goal in a quick and short time period. Some give up on it because of a lack of commitment, and motivation that comes with it. When I was in school, I learned how to speak German, but because I never used it and because I didn't need it in life, it is a language that I completely forgot. Unfortunately, this is a pity because, like any skill, learning a language is something that requires time, effort, and willpower.

I recently embarked on my journey to get back to Spanish. Given that I work full time, sometimes it is hard to be on a schedule especially when you don't need to be in a classroom setting.

So today, I want to share a few ways to learn Spanish on our own and build a habit out of it.

Have a Notebook

When you start studying Spanish, the first tool you will want to use is a notebook, a place where you can take notes, make notes and use it as a revision tool whenever needed.

Notebooks are excellent tools to track your progress, make you accountable, and keep a record of what you have studied.

Have your favorite resources bookmarked

When you are studying Spanish, you will need some reference resources to refer back to whenever you are stuck. This could be a particular youtube channel, a course, or even a book. It is important to have this handy because whenever you are lost or need a quick refresher, your go-to resource will be available.

"Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom."
Roger Bacon

Find a language partner

The best way to be accountable when learning Spanish is by finding a language partner; this could be a friend, a co-worker, or an actual love partner. When it comes to studying Spanish or any language, you can't get away with it unless you practice it.

If you want a free way to practice, finding someone to speak with on a daily basis can really help your speaking and make you much more fluent.

A place to find a language partner is on Conversation Exchange.

Be part of a community

There is nothing more than learning a language when you are surrounded by other people wanting to learn Spanish. When you are part of a community, you feel less alone in the journey. You feel empowered, supported, and encouraged. Usually, people that belong to the same community most likely share the same goals: wanting to improve and learn Spanish.

When it comes to learning Spanish, there is a patron community called How to Spanish. On this platform, you will see other Spanish learners posting, commenting, and liking. You will never feel bored with learning Spanish

Block 30 min on your calendar

Finally, when you are learning Spanish, you need to build a habit. As James Clear said in Atomic Habits, habits build your identity and pay off in the longer term. The only way to master and be excellent at something is by implementing activities on a regular basis such as making language Spanish part of your routine. Instead of scrolling over your phone mindlessly, block that time off and use that to actually learn Spanish, whether it is to listen to a podcast, read a page of an article, or even learn grammar. It really doesn't take so much to learn a language.

When I was growing up, I wish I had all the free and available resources we have now: youtube, free courses, and free books. I would have probably learned one or two more languages.

For learners out there, especially those working full-time, one way to learn Spanish is by listening to podcasts while commuting to work or watching vlogs on youtube during your lunchtime. There is no efficient way of using these idle times by learning something.

Use every minute available to learn because we all have time.

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."


Chinese Proverb


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