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How to be a long life learner and build a habit of learning every day

The learning of a human being usually starts and ends with the academic system. Many can't wait to finish their studies and start working. Everyone's dream is to be done with studying. Some don't even think there is learning outside of an academic setting. What many miss though is the concept of long-life learning, the ongoing pursuit of knowledge for professional and personal development done on a voluntary basis.

Long-life learning is something that anyone can pursue no matter what stage they are in their life.

Here are five habits to be a long-life learner.

1. Reading

The first habit of a long-life learner is reading on a regular basis.

Books are like best friends. They are the best companion one could ask for and the best therapist one can get their answers from. A book solves many of our problems such as how to be a great leader, how to manage our time, or how to write a book. They serve as a guide and a vessel of knowledge. Reading on a daily has shown improved cognitive skills, opened our horizons, and helped us to be more imaginative. Reading on a daily basis can be easy, whether it is for 10 minutes or 30 minutes. it is about finding the right time to do it.

2. Finding opportunities to grow

Long-life learners always find an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. They attend workshops, take classes, and enroll in courses. With them, learning doesn't need to stop in a school setting, but it continues as a part of their life. Instead of sitting on their couch and eating chips, long-life learners find ways to maximize their time and be productive through a book, a language course, or a cooking class. Long-life learners won't waste a moment of their time because they know time cannot be given back.

"A man’s education is never completed until he dies."

Robert E. Lee

3. Progressing

They are go-getters and love to explore what life throws at them. Every milestone is celebrated as an achievement and breakthrough to keep going further and improving skills. They turn a challenge into an opportunity and embrace change with open arms.

4. Challenging with specific goals

Long-life learners have specific goals in life. They have concise and ambitious goals. Usually, they are pretty clear with the short, medium, and long-term goals and follow a clear path to achieve each one of them. They know success doesn't happen overnight, but rather it's an accumulation of constant and consistent work through time. They don't let life obstacles interrupt their goals.

5. It is never too late

Long-life learners know that it is never too late to start something. They don't believe age plays a particular role in learning something. They find every hour of their day as a way to enrich their body, soul, and brain through knowledge. They have an engraved mindset of growth and improvement and always want to stay sharp and up-to-date with knowledge

To conclude, learning is easy. All you need is willpower and a thirst for knowledge.

Commit yourself to lifelong Learning. The most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind and what you put into it.
Albert Einstein



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