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Here is WHY every WOMAN should do MUAY THAI

Four reasons to start your journey with Muay Thai

When it comes to boxing or Muay Thai, there is a misconception that these types of workouts are made for men only. Women are often discouraged to pursue these activities because it is stereotypically known that only men can box. What many do not know is that boxing/Muay Thai is a discipline built for any gender which can be practiced by anyone even kids!

Today, I want to share with you four benefits that Muay Thai can bring to your life.

1. You become more DISCIPLINED

One thing that Muay Thai teaches you is to be more disciplined and organized. There are rigorous schedules that one has to follow once they are enrolled in a Muay Thai course. With regular attendance to Muay Thai workouts, you start to see the benefits it brings such as staying focused and building a habit of always working out.

As soon as you see little progress, you will feel addicted to this discipline and will never want to stop working out!


Muay Thai is a full-body intense workout where you are working on every muscle of your body including your brain. In each workout, you burn about 600-800 calories per hour. While being a calorie burner, Muay Thai helps you to build muscles, get rid of unnecessary fat, and most importantly reduce stress. As you get to punch and kick, you are getting out the stress and heaviness of the day and you go home much more relaxed and feeling good about yourself. Indeed, at each workout, your body is releasing endorphins which improve your mood

3. You boost your CONFIDENCE & SELF- ESTEEM

Muay Thai practice definitely boosts your self-esteem and confidence. As you become stronger, you get comfortable in your skin and start to use your body as a weapon. You start to become bolder, and more fearless and take every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Muay Thai does just that.

4. You build SELF- DEFENSE skills

Muay Thai is a martial art discipline that consists of attacking and defending yourself. With this discipline, you get to learn basic and advanced techniques of fighting such as the jab, cross, and kicks. It is a workout that allows you to use every part of your body to defend yourself when you are in danger.

I think in Muay Thai you get to learn yourself and what you are capable of doing with your body. It makes you discover the warrior inside of you. With Muay Thai, you build core strength, become more flexible and improve your immune system. I started this journey couple of months ago and I'm totally in love with the discipline. I do think we all have a warrior inside of us.

Now, are you ready to kick some butts?

“Train with the energy of a warrior and soon you will have the heart of a warrior.”

– Shifu Yan Lei


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