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Planning for Success: Setting Your Goals for 2024

The new year is all about goals, resolutions, and adrenaline.

We all have that boost of confidence after the holidays to start strong. However, as soon as we hit mid-year or even the third month of the year, we are ready to let go. We feel discouraged and demotivated when we see no results.

Today I will be sharing five techniques that will help you to stay on track with your goals.

Create Vision Board

I am a big fan of vision boards. I think they are a creative way to draw down your desires and your goals. It is a visual representation of what you want to achieve in life.

They are very fun to create. You can simply use tools like Canva to include images, mantras, and quotations and once your vision board is created, you can print it and hang it in your fridge or put it as wallpaper on your phone.

Journal your goals

I love journaling to calm myself down, and to stay connected and present with myself. Although journaling is more of a routine, you can also write down your goals. It is sort of like a yearly to-do list of your big goals which can be broken down into short, medium, and long-term goals.

Each time you lose track of your progress, you go back to revisit your big to-do list.

Goals must be attainable

I think the biggest mistake one makes when writing down their resolutions is that their goals are way too vague...something like I want to improve my Italian or I want to lose weight... however, goals must be more concrete and measureable like: "I want to become B2 in Italian " or "I want to lose 2 kilos this year. "

If you write something too vague, it doesnt give you a purpose or a sense of direction and it makes it even more demotivating to work towards the goals.

With a concrete goal, you know what your end destination is.

Complete a quarterly audit

I have listened to a podcast about how this woman was doing a quarterly check-up of her goals progress. Each quarter, she would check the list of her goals to see how far she has come and adjust or pivot her goals accordingly.

I don't do a quarterly audit myself of my goals. However, for anyone who wants to do this, I think it makes you very accountable and responsible and gives you more of a reality check of how far you have progressed.

Enjoy the process

I think working towards our goals is about being a better version of ourselves. It is about challenges we set to be an improved version of whatever we were the year prior.

Some of us want to be more knowledgeable, some others want to work for more money, and some others want to travel. I see reaching our goals as a work in progress toward the person we are destined to be because everything we do is an accumulation of our habits.

So whatever goal you set, always have fun during the process.


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