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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. My Ways serves as a vessel to project my passions and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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My Only Wish for 2021 - Goodbye Fear!

2020 was undoubtedly a challenging and unprecedented year. As we embarked on a new decade, none of us saw the adversity that the Corona Virus would have brought into our lives: many of us lost family and friends, many got laid off from jobs and many saw their plans take a halt.

One thing that I learned from 2020 was to never take anything for granted. Effortless and negligent actions such as going for a walk with a friend, eating out at a restaurant were part of our daily routines that now we feel nostalgic for.

Life before the pandemic seems so far, that it feels we belong almost to a different era with the only hope of waking up from this nightmare and continuing with our normal life where "normal" seems to have taken a different definition.

As we enter a new year, I hope that many of us learned a few lessons from what 2020 has taught us and that is to live our days to the fullest. Never look back and have regrets.. " oh I wish I have done this; I wish I have gone here; I wish I have started my projects earlier". If you want to do something, do it now and don't have any second-guessings because life may not give you a second chance.

I don't believe in "new year, new me". I like to believe that our own personal growth and development are continuous evolvement from the time we were born. We change every day. We don't need a new year to start something fresh. How many times did we not hear "It is the first of January and I will start dieting from today", but then no one ever commits to it? And why do we even need the first of the year to start a new venture when it can be done at any moment? It takes willpower and perseverance to achieve something and it is all about envisioning your goals and architecting your life towards your dream life.

Whatever you do in your life are the choices you have made; You are in control of your journey and how you want to live is up to you. There are no right or wrong answers and you are never too old to start a new adventure. People will judge you regardless of your actions and behaviors. However, if deep down your actions are what makes you truly happy and self-attained, then continue designing your unique life. Some people will come and some will go, but those who love you and care for you will stand by your side during your ups and downs and support you at any cost.

Dear readers, I hope in this new year, you find a purpose in your life, continue to grow into the person you are meant to be, to do what you love, and to find happiness and joy in little things, but most importantly, to be the writer of your own fate.

My only wish for myself is to stop being afraid of what life throws at me and embrace every challenge in a positive manner, to grow from pain, and to be more resilient. I have read a book this year called My Friend Fear by Meera Lee Patel and one of the quotes that struck me the most was that "fear is the light that is meant to guide us". We often associate fear with negativity and anxiety, with the continuous worry of making mistakes, afraid of being judged, and confused about what we want in life, but it is only an illusion created in our minds. If you let fear be your courage, strength, and alley, it will liberate you and allow you to be your true self.

To conclude my dear readers, whatever you do in life, BE BOLD, BE FEARLESS, and BE DARING; you are brought into this world to make an impact.

Happy New Year My Lovely Readers


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