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7 Side Hustle Jobs -Earning Money While Staying at Home

If during this pandemic you have been scratching your head, wondering how to put extra cash in your pocket while being segregated at home, then I can tell you, you are in the right place!

With the evolution of the Internet, social media and the world being practically virtual, there are tons of ways to make money while lying down on your couch. Just get a side hustle job! Since the pandemic, I believe a major and common dilemma that many of us have shared was: What if I lose my job today? Side hustle jobs are a way to diversify your income streams, alleviate the pain of living paycheck to paycheck or even relieve the worry of losing your current job. They allow you to supplement your current income in the comfort of your home.

Here are some of my favorites.

Online Tutoring

If you are a native speaker of a language, then I suggest setting up a profile on one of the many online language platforms available. One of my favorites is Preply. All you have to do is create a profile, write a short biography, give your availability, and voilà, you are good to tutor! You don't need any sort of experience and often in times, these tutorial sessions are conversational; what's even greater is, you can set your own rate.

Be an Airbnb Host

With people looking for getaways, If you own a vacant property, put it on rent and earn some fixed $$. That's how easy it is.

Declutter Your Space and Sell Unwanted Items

If you have some unused clothes, shoes, electronics that you want to get rid of, then simply sell them online.

Some places are Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Ebay, Letgo, Eivey.

Craft Your Ideas and Sell them on Etsy

If you are gifted in a particular field like sewing, making jewelry, and so forth, then why not sell them on Etsy? You can craft your ideas and set your own shop. This way, you gain entrepreneurial skills while being inventive, creative, and productive. And who knows what this may land to in the future!

Blogging/ Youtube Videos

One of my favorites is definitely Blogging. I recently started to blog and I enjoy every bit of it. If you are passionate about something, if you want to make an impact, Blogging or Youtube are definitely two places to start with. Many use them as a way to earn passive income, others like me use them as a way to express themselves.

Some passive ways to generate income are signing up for affiliate programs or putting ads on your website. With affiliate programs, you will have to partner up with companies and get rewarded every time you sponsor their products or when someone immediately makes a purchase. Of course, there are commissions to pay.

With ads, you can set up Google Adsense and place ads on your website. At each time, someone clicks on an ad, you will generate a certain income

Freelance/Virtual Assistance

Small online businesses regularly need help with several tasks. With work surmounting, they are always looking for a second hand who can handle tasks such as: coordinating social media, writing up content, bookkeeping, proofreading, etc. The freelancing business has been really booming. You can look up on to learn more about all the opportunities, and the fun thing is you can sign up for multiple tasks without the need of committing full time.

Online Surveys & Focus Groups

Did you know that you can make money by giving your opinions? With online companies looking for valuable insights before launching a product or a service, answering online surveys is easier than ever. Some places for you to sign up are Branded Surveys, Daily Rewards, Swagbucks . Always be aware of scams, before signing up for one.

Having a side hustle job always helps! Whether it is for an emergency, savings, paying off your debt, or for retirement, making some extra money doesn't hurt. Be aware that side hustle jobs shouldn't be seen as a replacement for your full-time job. They are called "side" for a reason. They are meant to be completed only when you have some time like during the evenings, weekends, or whenever you are available, and supplementing your steady income.

I think side hustle jobs add a lot of value; besides the monetary factor, they are definitely a tool to work on your current skills and be creative. I love the freedom of side hustling anywhere and anytime independently in the comfort of my pajamas while sipping my espresso!

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