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6 Ways to Ace a Job Interview on Zoom

One of the unexpected phenomena of the pandemic is that regardless of the economic and health crisis, many employees quit their jobs in the search of another one.

Despite how unfortunate the pandemic situation was, people were not worried about the crisis and some had time to reflect on their careers and change their paths.

A lot of millennials took this opportunity to change jobs and went through job interviews that were conducted online.

You may think that conducting job interviews online should be easy, but not really. Like in-person interviews, zoom interviews also require some etiquette to follow.

Here are 6 tips to ace a job interview on zoom.

  1. Be prepared- First things first, come prepared as if you were going for an in-person job interview. Learn about the job description inside out, do company research, and learn about the company's culture as much as you can. Just because you are being interviewed on zoom doesn't mean you won't be asked any questions about the role and the company you are applying for.

  2. Be professional- It doesn't matter that with the world being virtual and everyone working from home in our PJs and sweatpants, that you should show up in a job interview in those attires. Wear a nice top if you are a woman or a shirt with a tie if you are a man to make yourself presentable as if you were going to an actual interview in the office.

  3. Double-check your audio, video equipment, and internet connection - In a virtual world, technical issues are bound to happen. Whether you use Zoom, Skype, or any other platform, you will be provided with the zoom links by the recruiter before your interviews. Test the links and the audios in advance to make sure everything is working properly.

  4. Be aware of your background - When you are having a job interview, choose a noise-free room, one that has a neutral background, and probably with a lot of natural light.

  5. Keep a pen and a paper with you- You should have a notepad and a pen next to you probably with a list of questions you have prepared for the hiring managers and also to write down notes on what you may feel important. It shows that you are interested and devoted to the job you are applying for. One thing- Keep your phone in another room!

  6. Be engaged, positive, and energetic - Last, but not least, make sure to smile, show your enthusiasm, and ask questions throughout the interview. Deal with the nervousness prior with some yoga and step into the interview with positivity

A job interview like every relationship goes both ways. They need to like you like you need to like them. Job interviews should be really a conversation and getting to know each other. Unfortunately, some companies may just ask you straight-up questions and treat the interview more like an interrogatory whereas some others genuinely get to know you. Regardless of the situation, do not get intimated and always ask questions that could emerge from the conversations you are having with the interviewers. Be prepared for any behavioral and situational questions and think of the interview as a moment for you to shine and show them you are a valuable asset to the company.

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

- Arthur Ashe



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