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5 Ways to Unwind Yourself | Self-Care Habits

We all go through moments of stress and burnout. It is normal. It is part of our life especially when life gets hectic and overwhelming. It is in those times, that we should step back and take a moment to disconnect and be present in the moment.

Today, I will share five self-care techniques that will help you to be more relaxed and connected to the present.

  1. Disconnecting from work- If you are working from home, one thing you want to make sure you are doing at the end of the day is DISCONNECT completely from your work tasks such as logging off from the work PC, turning off the light of your office room and staying away from the office room until the next working day. Don't look at your work phone and leave it in a separate room that is outside of your sight. This is the first main step if you want to detach yourself and disconnect from what takes the majority of your time.

  2. Lighting up candles - I love lighting up candles especially on a Friday afternoon with a good cup of coffee and just relaxing on my sofa. Lighting candles create a very peaceful environment and it is shown that candles have soothing and healing properties

  3. Getting a change of scenery while discovering your neighborhood - Getting some fresh air and clearing up your mind is one of the best ways to unwind yourself. You could take some walks and you don't need to go far from your house. Discovering a new park that you were not aware of or just observing everything around you helps you to be present in the moment and enjoy your surroundings, a concept known as mindfulness.

  4. Working out or going for a run - If you have nice summer days, an excellent way to unwind yourself is to go for a run or work out outside in the park. Studies have shown that working out or running releases stress and endorphins. Exercising helps help you to be more energetic both mentally and physically while also producing long-term benefits to your health.

  5. Taking a warm bath- what's more relaxing than taking a warm and bubbly bath towards the end of the day, accompanied by a good book? I love having baths with a good book, especially because a good storyline allows you to escape the reality!

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