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5 Tips & Tricks to Learn Italian Faster and Effectively

The struggle of learning a language sometimes arises because it can be boring, dull, and time-consuming, but there are some easy hacks that can make language learning very entertaining and fun.

Here are five fun tips & tricks to make your learning of a language much more enjoyable, specifically Italian, the language of love.

1. Listen to Italian Music

Music is a fun way to learn a language. We all enjoy a day filled with music that uplifts our mood. With Spotify or Apple Music, you can create your own Italian playlist and sing along to your favorite songs. You can print the lyrics of an Italian song and read along the words. With music, you are practicing your listening and pronunciation skills and learning all the Italian expressions. Some good Italian singers that I can recommend are : Eros Ramozotti, Tiziano Ferro and Laura Pauisini.

2. Watch Italian TV shows/movies

We live in a globalized world where everything is accessible including shows in different languages. We can have access to Italian tv shows and movies from the comfort of our homes. Netflix and Amazon prime now provide shows/movies in the Italian language. You can now watch a movie by having either Italian subtitles or by watching it in the native language. With movies, you are learning about the traditions, cultures, and customs of a country without the need to actually travel there!

3. Read Italian Newspapers

An excellent way of learning a language when you don't have time is by reading newspapers. You don't need a lot of time commitment. As long as you dedicate 10-15 minutes of your time reading out loud a page of the newspapers, that's more than enough. It is true reading newspapers can be challenging because of the specific jargon used, but you can stick to easy parts until you slowly advance to much harder parts as you improve your vocabulary

4. Listen to Podcast

Doing chores, going for a walk, or even working out have become much more enjoyable and educational because we have the ability to listen to podcast episodes anywhere at any time of the day. Whether you are cooking, doing groceries, or driving your car, you can just plug your earphones and tune in to your favorite Italian podcast show. There is no easy way of effortlessly learning something.

5. Watch Youtube vlogs

Do you want to know what Italian culture is like? Maybe you want to know what living in Italy is like, what people eat, or how people dress, then you should subscribe to many Italian youtube channels and watch vlogs.

Vlogs are a very relaxing and fun way of learning a language because not only do you learn about the Italian culture, tradition, food, and so forth, but you also learn expressions and the colloquial language in the most authentic way.

and now buon fortuna con lo studio! ( Good luck with your studies)


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