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Welcome to My Ways

 A Female-Focused Platform to Empower Girls and Women to Take Control of Every Aspect of Their Lives. 

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My name is Urmi Hossain

This blog was created to share insights about my life and my ways of achieving goals. Here, you will find articles about public speaking, language learning, career, women, lifestyle, and more! Click on "About Me" to learn about my personal story!

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About Me.

I am an Italian- Bengali, living in Canada

I have more than five years of work experience in the financial industry with a background in Honours in Finance. To say that finance is my passion is an understatement as it is a love that continuously helped me gain a more profound knowledge of the financial world and helped me explore my desire to teach finance to girls and women during my free time. 

I am a big proponent of self-education and self-development. As part of my growth, I am part of the Toastmasters Organization as an active member and President of the Club to become a distinguished speaker and a dynamic leader. My personal goals? Being an inspiration and making an impact through my voice.

In my free time,  I like volunteering for causes such as gender equality and women's empowerment.

Besides this blog, I have also my own YouTube channel. I have also published my first book called, Discovering Your Identity: A Rebirth From Interracial Struggle, where I talk about my own struggle in finding my cultural identity. 

Besides writing content for this blog, I love reading and practicing Muay Thai.

Last, but not least Dynamic, Disciplined, and Determined are three words that describe me the most. My biggest goal in life is to deliver a TED Talk 

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